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This plugin allows you to publish some of your Delicious bookmarks on your blog: it retrieves the bookmarks from a specific tag and publishes them on your sidebar.

It could be useful, for example, to publish your readings on the Web. Let's say that you read a webpage and bookmark it as "readings". This plugin can get the bookmarks from the tag "readings" (or whatever it is) and display them on a widget in your sidebar. You can also use a shortcode if you want to display your reading list on a static page or on a single post.

The plugin may display for each tag:

  • The title with link
  • The description if any
  • The date of the bookmark
  • The tags assigned to the bookmark
  • The link to the entire archive of that tag on Delicious

After the plugin's activation, you will have a new widget in Appearance / Widgets.

Usage as shortcode

You can also use the plugin's shortcode to display your list on a static page or on a single post. Use:

[dreadings feed_url="http://delicious.com/v2/rss/USERNAME/TAG-NAME"]

Change USERNAME and TAG-NAME as required.

In the widget you can use the full set of options. So, for example, if you want to display the tags, use:

[dreadings feed_url="http://delicious.com/v2/rss/USERNAME/TAG-NAME" display_tags=true]

Usage as PHP function

You can also use the main PHP function directly in your theme. Add these lines where you want it be displayed:

<?php if ( function_exists( 'dr_fetch_feed' ) ) {
    $args = array(
        'feed_url'         => '',
        'quantity'         => 5,
        'display_desc'     => false,
        'truncate'         => 0,
        'display_date'     => false,
        'date_text'        => 'Stored on:',
        'display_tags'     => false,
        'tags_text'        => 'Tags:',
        'display_hashtag'  => true,
        'display_arrow'    => false,
        'display_archive'  => true,
        'archive_text'     => 'More posts',
        'display_arch_arr' => true,
        'new_tab'          => false,
        'nofollow'         => true,
    dr_fetch_feed( $args );
} ?>

Make sure to properly use the opening and closing tags <?php and ?> respectively.

The only mandatory option is feed_url. Also change USERNAME and TAG-NAME as required. The other options are the default options which you can change according your needs. It isn't necessary to insert all of them.

Name of the plugin: Delicious Readings
Plugin version: 2.4
This plugin requires WordPress 3.0
Tested up to WordPress 4.1
Last updated: 27 dicembre 2014 (1 mese ago)
Compatibility: Unknown with WordPress 4.1
Tags: bookmarks, del.icio.us, readings, widget
Rating: 5 stars

Latest changes

  • NEW: The user can fetch up to 100 items (props by alassafin.f).


You can get a copy from the page in the official repository: Delicious Readings. This plugin has been downloaded 1.513 times.


Author’s name: Aldo Latino
Profile on wordpress.org: Aldo Latino


  1. delicious-readings screenshot 1

    The dashboard panel to set up the widget

  2. delicious-readings screenshot 2

    An example of rendered widget



  • NEW: The user can fetch up to 100 items (props by alassafin.f).


  • NEW: The items can now be displayed in random order (props by whaus).


  • Fixed a typo that breaks hyperlink if "nofollow" is inactive (thanks to whaus).


  • Fixed a bug where the shortcode displayed the output before a custom introductory text (thanks to eggepegge).


  • NEW: Added the shortcode to display your reading list on a static page or on a single post (thanks to @redhatgal for the tip).
  • Minor bug fixings.


  • Moved the widget into a separate file.
  • Fixed a typo in the widget panel.
  • Fixed a bug in the "nofollow" value for rel attribute.
  • Security focusing.


First release of the plugin.



Other Notes


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