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  • LinBerry es una aplicación estilo Desktop Manager hecha para linux, cuya finalidad es poder gestionar dispositivos BlackBerry. Lamentablemente la empresa RIM ha decidido no hacer un desktop manager para linux, lo cual es un contratiempo para los que somos usuarios de este excelente teléfono y que ademas utilizamos linux como sistema principal. Muchos se han visto obligados a tener una partición Microsoft aparte en su disco únicamente para ejecutar el Desktop Manager de Rim; LinBerry tiene como objetivo a mediano plazo ser una alternativa eficiente y completa a este respecto.

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    22 dicembre 2010




  • wnCloud is part of the Social Desktop, a project connecting you with your peers in the community. The Social Desktop aims to bring the power of online communities and group collaboration to desktop applications and the desktop shell itself. What's more, the Social Desktop integrates sharing and exchanging knowledge into your apps and the desktop itself.

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    26 novembre 2010


  • Personalmente, sono d’accordissimo con Stallman ma con un’eccezione: credo che quando si tratta di conservare dati estremamente sensibili fuori dalla portata di persone pericolose, un servizio di “remote storage”, “remote backup” o di “online office” possa essere il migliore alleato.

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    16 dicembre 2010

  • is a community-driven certificate authority that issues free public key certificates to the public (unlike other certificate authorities which are commercial and sell certificates). CAcert has nearly 150,000 verified users and has issued over 548,000 certificates as of January 2010.

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    12 dicembre 2010

  • Options may be specified on the command line or in an options file. The default location of the options file is ~/.gnupg/options. When specifying options in the options file, omit the leading two dashes and instead use simply the option name followed by any arguments. Lines in the file with a hash (#) as the first non-white-space character are ignored.

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    12 dicembre 2010

  • Un key signing party è una riunione di persone che usano il sistema di crittografia PGP, durante la quale ogni partecipante ha la possibilità di firmare la chiave degli altri. I key signing party aiutano in modo consistente a estendere la propria rete della fiducia, inoltre offrono un'opportunità per discutere di questioni sociali e politiche che riguardano la crittografia forte, la sovranità e le libertà individuali, dell'implementazione di tecnologie crittografiche, o perfino degli sviluppi futuri del software libero per la crittografia.

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    12 dicembre 2010

  • Enter in just a few clicks, you can save a message that will only be sent to it's intended recipient if you die. Well…almost. It will actually only be sent if you fail to log back in to the system within the timeframe that you set, we're just sort of assuming that only death would stop you doing this.

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    10 dicembre 2010

  • Sulla copertina di “Go Online – Internet Magazine” di Dicembre 2010, attualmente in edicola, c’è una fascia nera che riporta la scritta “Password hacking” e che recita: “con le guide dei nostri esperti non c’è password che tenga”. Strano. Personalmente non ero al corrente di tecniche miracolose per crackare le password di accesso a quasi nessuno dei sistemi che viene citato dalla rivista. In particolare, non ero al corrente di exploit efficaci per attaccare la posta elettronica di Google e di Yahoo.Strano e preoccupante. Se davvero esistesse un modo facile per crackare un account di posta Gmail o Yahoo ci sarebbe parecchio da preoccuparsi perché gran parte delle persone che conosco usano questi servizi per gestire molte loro attività, anche critiche. Perdere il controllo del proprio account Google e Gmail potrebbe avere conseguenze devastanti. Sono io che sono poco informato o sono quelli di Internet Magazine che la sanno più lunga? Andiamo a vedere…

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    10 dicembre 2010

  • Computerized machines lost votes, subtracted votes instead of adding them, and doubled votes. Because many of these machines have no paper audit trails, a large number of votes will never be counted. And while it is unlikely that deliberate voting-machine fraud changed the result of the presidential election, the Internet is buzzing with rumors and allegations of fraud in a number of different jurisdictions and races. It is still too early to tell if any of these problems affected any individual elections. Over the next several weeks we'll see whether any of the information crystallizes into something significant.

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    3 dicembre 2010

  • Ever wonder whether an email address someone gave you actually exists? Tech blogger Amit Agarwal explains how to verify an email address using both simple and decidedly geekier methods.

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    23 novembre 2010

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  • Many of you have read the news stories about Delicious that began appearing yesterday. We’re genuinely sorry to have these stories appear with so little context for our loyal users. While we can’t answer each of your questions individually, we wanted to address what we can at this stage and we promise to keep you posted as future plans get finalized.

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    19 dicembre 2010



  • Just another WordPress… theme!

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    22 dicembre 2010

  • Submit your favorite WordPress Theme, Plugin, Site or Personality, heck add yourself!. From all the submissions, Nominees will be chosen based on number of popular votes, and after a final round of voting the Winners will be awarded the "best of" honors for the year based on your votes and by our panel of judges. Did we mention our sponsors are helping us with the most massive giveaway of WordPress goods; ever?

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    22 dicembre 2010

  • Welcome to the home page of WPWeaver's Twenty Ten Weaver (and equivalent 2010 Weaver) WordPress theme. As implied by the name, Twenty Ten Weaver is a child theme of the new WordPress 3.0 default Twenty Ten theme. Important Note: Twenty Ten Weaver and 2010 Weaver are functionally identical. 2010 Weaver is the main version found at themes. For the user, there is no practical difference between the two themes. Twenty Ten Weaver allows you to tweak almost everything. You can change colors, fonts, sidebar columns, header size, and more. This theme also includes several new theme looks for an easy start. Just for example, this site is running on WordPress 3 and uses the "WP Weaver" sub-theme as its own theme.

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    22 dicembre 2010

  • Spreading the WordPress Love

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    22 dicembre 2010

  • There are about a dozen major features lined up for WordPress 3.1. My main tasks for 3.1 centered around improvements to custom post types. Since we’re in late beta stage, I wanted to offer a summary of all the cool enhancements soon coming to a site near you. I started with a post on our development blog what I wanted to see, and asked others to chime in and share their “pet bugs, peeves, and workarounds.” The end result cemented what needed to get done for the cycle. There were many small incremental improvements, but a few stood out, which I’ll be covering in a series of posts this week.

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    20 dicembre 2010

  • Schedule Posts and Pages to automatically expire and change at a certain time, and provide notification of expiration.

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    19 dicembre 2010

  • Submitting the form will result in a call to and thus the desired category, possibly with a redirect to the search engine friendly version of the URL. This works for the visitors just as good as the solution of the Codex, leaving aside the fact that you have to click on a button. But this is where you can engage with JavaScript to hide the button and sending the form via, by a script inserted, onclick handle . The end result looks like the script for users with Codex solution and all others come then just by clicking on the button to its destination and everyone is happy.

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    18 dicembre 2010

  • With the release of two security releases for WordPress in the past week (3.02 and 3.0.3), most of us worry about our WordPress sites being hacked by worms and viruses, but rarely do we stop and consider the damage choosing the wrong WordPress Theme can create when released by people who chose the dark side of the force.

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    11 dicembre 2010

  • As I’ve gotten involved with helping the theme review team, I’ve seen some strange things. One of the stranger ones was a theme virus that actually propagated from one theme to all others in a WordPress installation. That one was awfully clever, but it ultimately didn’t really do anything but propagate and generally be a pain in the ass. However, today, @chip_bennett discovered that one of his themes had been copied and was being redistributed by a site called It had malware inserted into it that is of a much more malicious and spammy nature. Further investigation reveals that ALL of the themes on that site contain basically the same code. This code is not actually “viral”, but it’s definitely malware and it’s worth investigating to see some of the ways people try to hide their spam. So today, I’m going to dissect it and serve it up on a platter for everybody to see.

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    11 dicembre 2010

  • On day 10 of our Advent Calendar we show a little code snippet for the WordPress Admin Bar.

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    10 dicembre 2010

  • In this post we release a yet another freebie: JournalCrunch WordPress 3.0+ theme, a theme for magazines or portfolios with an integrated journal. The theme was designed by Site51 and released exclusively for Smashing Magazine and its readers. As usual, the theme is absolutely free to use in private and commerical projects.

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    9 dicembre 2010

  • Search engines like Google have a problem. They call it "duplicate content": your content is being shown on multiple pages locations on and off your site and they don't know which location to show. Especially when people start linking to all the different versions of the content, the problem becomes bigger. This article is meant for you to understand the different causes of duplicate content, and to find the solution for each of them.

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    9 dicembre 2010

  • We are very happy and proud to announce the international launch of Xtreme One WordPress Framework today. After a very successful one month pre-launch in Germany we are excited to offer Xtreme One for only $79,95 worldwide now. Xtreme One was programmed by Heiko and I, Alex is responsible for the design.

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    7 dicembre 2010

  • Have you ever wanted to close a comment thread, but leave a note to communicate why the thread is closed? Many blogs will just update the content of the blog post to say that comments are closed and why. That’s better than nothing, but that puts the message in a bit of an awkward place. The ideal place for that custom messaging is after the comment thread, where the comment form would normally be.

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    7 dicembre 2010

  • In the web world, a FAQ page is created specifically for the viewers/customers, and contains general questions and their respective answers about a particular product or service. This tutorial details the process of creating a dedicated FAQ section in the WordPress backend with custom post types, as well as how to spice up the actual page a bit by using jQuery and CSS. To accomplish our goal, we require a dedicated custom FAQ WordPress post type. That way, we can use the title and the content of these posts to display the FAQs in an innovative and user-friendly way.

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    3 dicembre 2010

  • One of the new things in 3.1 that hasn’t got a lot of discussion yet is the new Advanced Taxonomy Queries mechanism. At the moment, this is still being actively developed, but the basic structure is finalized enough to give at least a semi-coherent explanation on how to use it. Since 3.1 is now going into beta, it’s unlikely to change much.

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    30 novembre 2010

  • In otherwords, match what you see when creating/editing a Post or Page in the WordPress visual editor to what you get when you actually publish it. It’s easier than you might think! Basically you can declare a special CSS file that the visual editor will use to render itself while you are editing it. If the styles in that CSS file match the styles in your live theme’s CSS file, you are straight up WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get).

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    28 novembre 2010

  • In this post we release a yet another WordPress theme: Sight is a powerful WordPress 3.0.1-ready theme which will work best for magazines and blogs. The theme was designed in modern minimalistic style and has two views: the standard blog view and a grid view. A big image slider on the top gives you extra ability to show the most important content. The theme was designed by WP Shower exclusively for Smashing Magazine and its readers. As usual, the theme is absolutely free to use in private and commerical projects.

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    25 novembre 2010

  • There are some themes that are more than just themes. They demonstrate how, with a talented and imaginative developer, WordPress can be so much more than a blogging platform, and so much more than an out-of-the-box CMS.

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    24 novembre 2010

Aldo Latino usa con entusiasmo KDE neon, è un appassionato di WordPress e si diletta a giocare a scacchi. Ha anche una lista dei desideri. Per altre informazioni visita la sua .