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  • The question: How does one make an “actor” both a taxonomy term and a post of a specific post type?

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    21 agosto 2010

  • Today, we present a fresh collection of useful WordPress themes. Please notice that some themes are a bit older, but they are included because we haven’t featured them last time. This round-up picks up where we left off last year: most themes below were released between June 2009 and August 2010. We’ve also split this collection into the following categories: gallery and portfolio themes, themes for bloggers, e-Commerce WordPress themes, clean themes, magazine-style themes, minimal themes, mobile themes; pre-launch themes; and finally “Themes That Take WordPress Beyond.”

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    19 agosto 2010

  • Earlier today, Twitter announced their official Tweet Button which does the exact same thing as the Tweetmeme buttons except it is made by twitter. A lot of people are already switching (this include top corporates and small bloggers that follow @wpbeginner on twitter) because this button offers additional customization plus it has the option to recommend account following. In this article, we will share how you can add twitter’s tweet button in WordPress.

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    13 agosto 2010

  • Crea il font a partire dalla scrittura manuale.

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    25 luglio 2010

  • Posizione della Stazione Spaziale Internazionale.

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    24 luglio 2010

  • Crea PDF da pagine Web

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    24 luglio 2010

  • Da utente assiduo di Delicious ogni tanto mi pongo alcune domande. E se il servizio chiudesse? Con cosa sostituirlo? Non sarebbe meglio gestire i dati in proprio?

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    19 luglio 2010

  • In the past view days, WordPress has become entangled in a debate about WordPress theme licensing. It was specifically centered around Thesis, one of the last notable proprietary theme holdouts. Chris Pearson, who develops and sells Thesis, refuses to license Thesis under the GNU Public License that applies to WordPress and all WordPress-derived code.
    There are many aspects to the ongoing WordPress vs. Thesis brouhaha. Things like respect, copyright, freedom, GPL, ownership. There is no doubt that Thesis lifted lines of code, and even whole sections of code, directly from WordPress. The Thesis developer who did some of the lifting confessed to it (much to his credit).
    Some people have changed their opinion on the matter when they learned of that wholesale code copying. That is, they changed their mind about Thesis specifically. But those revelations happened later in the fray, after Chris Pearson and Matt Mullenweg’s discussion on Mixergy about the matter. It is the position of…

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    17 luglio 2010

  • Opensource ecommerce system.

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    16 luglio 2010

  • By default, the “Other WordPress News” widget in your WordPress Dashboard only updates twice a day (every twelve hours). Personally, I like to get updates quicker than that. I check my Dashboard several times a day to see if there’s some new post that I should know about. So I set mine up to update every two hours. Frequently enough to keep me more up-to-date, but not so frequently that it might be annoying to the Planet WordPress server.

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    15 luglio 2010

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    1. Per esigenze di tempo ho potuto finora solo sfiorare in prove personali questo argomento, che affronterò non appena mi sarà possibile. :smile:

      1. La ringrazio, cercherò anche io di provare qualcosa, se riesco a ricavare qualcosa le farò sapere.
        Ps compliementi per il sito è molto bello, mi piace molto.

    2. Sto provando un po’ e posso dire che è veramente molto interessante e sinceramente sono incappato in ulteriori informazioni.
      Esistono 3 plugin del medesimo autore dove c’è la possibilità di:
      creare diversti tipi di pagine o di articoli, la possibilità di aggiungere campi personalizzati agli articoli o le pagine, e di creare tassonomie per pagine e articoli.
      il sito dell’autore è qui:
      i plugin si chiamano:
      – More Types
      – More Fields
      – More Taxonomies

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