Delicious Wishlist for WordPress (chiuso)

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This plugin allows you to publish in your blog a wishlist using your Delicious bookmarks.

In order to make this, when you visit a web page with something you like, tag that page with two different bookmarks: wishlist and, if it is very important, *** (three stars). Then, when you visit a page with something less important, you could use wishlist and ** (two stars), and finally for a page with something even less important, you could use wishlist and * (one star).

It’s not mandatory to use these exact tags: you can choose your own tags, but consider that you have to bookmark a page with at least two different tags: one general to collect all your bookmarks relative to your wishlist, and another to mark that page depending on the importance of the stuff for you.

When you are done with an item (you have bought it or someone gave it to you as a gift), you can edit that bookmark on Delicious and remove the star(s). Leave only the main tag (e.g., wishlist), so you can maintain in Delicious an archive of all desired items.

About this plugin

Name of the plugin:Delicious Wishlist for WordPress
Plugin version:2.6.3
This plugin requiresWordPress 3.0
Tested up toWordPress 4.9
Last updated:2018-05-19
Compatibility:100% with WordPress 4.9
Tags:delicious,, wishlist, bookmarks
Rating:Not rated yet


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